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Yes, you can sing!

Lady nervous about singing

Most of the adults who first approach The Dubai Singing Institute as beginners dream about undertaking singing lessons but sadly believe that they are unable to sing.

This false belief, mostly due to nasty comments heard in the past, is extremely common among adults but we can fortunately promise you that our wonderful singing instructors will convince you of the opposite after your very first lesson at The Dubai Singing Institute.

Each and every human being can sing as much all men and women can speak. The only difference with singing is that your voice must be trained to pitch correctly and your diaphragm to be used in the right manner to enhance your breathing abilities.

Singing is not different to any other skill. It must just be learned and there is absolutely no reason why you would not be able to do so.

We often hear adults saying that they do not have a beautiful voice. Once again, this statement can not be believed by professional singers as we all have a unique voice that demands to be trained in order to make it flourish.

Others say that they are tone deaf! Unless you study vocals and work on your pitch on a regular basis, you might definitely not be able to sing a tune back. Well, you are not alone as studies show that only 1 in 10,000 individuals have a perfect pitch!

If you are passionate about singing and would like to become the brilliant vocalist that you always dreamt to be, there is absolute no reason why you cannot make this dream come true.

As stated earlier, there is no need of possessing any special skill before starting a vocal course as we all have a voice and breathing abilities. It is all you need!

Getting rid off your fears and ignoring the bad criticism is the first step to your success!

We have such exceptional singing teachers at The Dubai Singing Institute that there is certainly no reason to be shy or worried about starting your vocal education. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the field of adult music education, we have taught hundreds of adults who felt exactly as you do before taking their first singing class but they all got truly astonished at the end of the session.

They realised that all there believes were wrong and that they kept themselves in the dark for too many years. They were astonished by the beautiful sounds they could produce and this realisation boosted their confidence enormously!

Singing is a wonderful hobby that will surely add a lot of joy into your life so why not starting today?

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