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Singing Courses and Fees – Weekly Singing Lessons

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At The Dubai Singing Institute, we strive to provide the highest quality vocal instruction to adult singing enthusiasts, whether they are absolute beginners without any prior musical knowledge, intermediate singers or advanced amateur vocalists.

Thanks to our unparalleled experience in adult music education, we are pleased to be able to offer you the singing lessons that you have always wanted to attend.

We believe that our remarkable understanding of adult amateur vocalists who sing for their personal pleasure allows us to provide you with a terrific vocal instruction that is both enjoyable and educational.

Coaching adult amateur singers requires specific skills that we are proud to possess to make your singing journey an unforgettable experience!

We are proud to work exclusively with exceptional singing instructors selected explicitly for their likeable personality, and fantastic experience in adult vocal education and high qualifications as we sincerely wish you to enjoy your singing journey immensely!

At The Dubai Singing Institute, you will never be judged or patronised.

On the contrary, you will learn in a relaxed environment where you will always be guided patiently and greatly encouraged by your instructor.

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Timetable, duration and location

You are welcome to start your one-to-one singing lessons at any time during the year.

Lessons take place weekly on a set day and time and can either be attended for 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a convenient time for both your instructor and yourself.

Your classes can either be attended in our stunning premises in Downtown Dubai, at the beautiful music studios of our friends’ House of Pianos or the location of your choice, if more convenient.

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Your own singing lessons

At The Dubai Singing Institute, we always ensure that your lessons are well-balanced and include the teaching of all the necessary skills you must learn to become a proficient singer.

As all individuals are different, we prefer adapting to your own personality, needs and wishes to provide you with personalised singing lessons instead of following a set syllabus that might not necessarily suit you.

Understanding our singing students are essential to us.

That is why we always take time during your very first lesson to discuss your unique needs and assess your level.

Please note that adults from all levels and abilities are welcome and that our singing courses are available to absolute beginners without any prior musical knowledge!

As singing lovers all have different tastes and preferences, we offer classes in various genres that include pop, rock, soul, R&B, jazz, musical theatre, classical and opera.

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Please note that we require a once-off joining fee of Dhs 135 prior to the beginning of your vocal course.

Duration Fees
4 x 30 minute lessons per month Dhs 695
4 x 45 minute lessons per month Dhs 975
4 x 60 minute lessons per month Dhs 1280

Questions & Answers

Payment and course duration

Lessons may be paid monthly or per 3 monthly instalments.

Please note that we require a minimum study period of 3 months, and a calendar month’s notice is necessary whenever you wish to stop your singing course.

Do I need to practise?

Yes, you will need to practise in between your singing lessons as it is essential to your progress.

Do I need any talent to sign up?

You do not need any talent to start your singing lessons. At The Dubai Singing Institute, we believe that everyone is talented and that adults from all walks of life can learn how to sing and become wonderful singers!

I had awful memories of my singing lessons when I was young. Will my instructor be harsh with me?

Not at all. We are proud to say that we strictly work with outstanding singing instructors who will always encourage and guide you in a patient and kind manner.

Do I need to know about music before starting my singing lessons?

You do not need to have any prior musical knowledge to join The Dubai Singing Institute as the basics will be covered during your singing classes.

Absolute beginners are very welcome at The Dubai Singing Institute!

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