Dubai's leading vocal Academy specialising in teaching singing to adults


The Dubai Singing Institute is radically different to most vocal schools for various reasons and our main distinction lies in the fact that we specialise in adult singing education.

Hence, our main characteristic leads us to approach adult singing instruction in a very specific manner which makes our singing lessons truly suitable to adult amateur singers.

Gentleman singing

Teaching adults how to sing or improve their vocal skills requires unique and specific skills that we are proud to possess thanks to our 20 years of experience in the field of adult music education.

At The Dubai Singing Institute, we are truly passionate about adult amateur singers and it is the reason why we have created a vocal academy where all adult singing enthusiasts can benefit from the highest singing education without ever feeling judged or patronised.

In order to provide the most adequate vocal instruction to all adult singing lovers, there are three components that must be handled perfectly throughout their vocal education:

The ability to teach all the correct techniques from day one, which can be applied thanks to the guidance of highly qualified and experienced singing instructors.

The intelligence to understand the personality of each student for each lesson to be offered in the most adequate and suitable manner.

The aptitude to help each adult make remarkable progress while respecting their own pace and guiding them in a friendly and patient manner.

At The Dubai Singing Institute, we are proud to say that we work exclusively with exceptional singing teachers who will know how to make your voice flourish in a short period of time and ensure that you enjoy all your singing lessons immensely.

We truly understand adult amateur singers extremely well and we can assure you that you will always feel at ease and comfortable with us. Pressure, judgment and bad criticism is definitely not on the programme. On the contrary, we can promise that we will always adapt to your wishes and design a personal curriculum that will suit you like a glove.

At The Dubai Singing Institute, we do not only offer singing courses to adults from all levels and abilities but we also provide vocal lessons in various music genres including classical, opera, rock, pop, jazz, blues, soul, RnB and musical theatre.

We believe that The Dubai Singing Institute is the perfect vocal academy for adults to learn how to sing or improve their vocal skills so we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Who is it for:

  • Adult singing enthusiasts who have never sung before and who have no previous musical knowledge
  • Intermediate singers who are seeking the advice of a professional singer to improve their vocal abilities
  • Advanced amateur singers who wish to polish their vocal techniques with outstanding singing instructors

What you can expect:

  • A perfectly suited guidance from day one
  • An instruction that fits your personality, needs and wishes
  • The assurance to benefit from the highest singing instruction available in Dubai and the UAE
  • Benefiting from the remarkable experience of our exceptional instructors
  • Being treated with utmost respect throughout your singing course
  • Always being encouraged and never judged or patronised
  • Making outstanding progress rapidly

Which styles are taught at The Dubai Singing Institute?

  • Opera singing
  • Classical singing
  • Jazz singing
  • Rock singing
  • Pop singing
  • Soul singing
  • Blues singing
  • RnB singing
  • Musical theatre singing

Group singing in harmony

I would like to join The Dubai Singing Institute. Where can I read further information about your vocal lessons for adults?

The best page to visit for detailed information about our singing courses and programs is found in our singing programmes section.