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Welcome to The Dubai Singing Institute – quintessential singing lessons for adults

Are you embarrassed of your voice?

Do you feel unable to join a singing group in a social setting?

Are you afraid not to be able to pitch?

Are you frustrated not to be able to sing your favourite songs?

Would you like to improve the quality of your voice greatly with fantastic singing instructors?

Conveniently located in Downtown Dubai, The Dubai Singing Institute has been created for you as an adult who wishes to finally learn how to sing accurately or improve your vocal skills drastically.

The Dubai Singing Institute is a phenomenal and unique singing academy especially created for adult amateur singers who want to study vocals in a non-judgmental and relaxed environment entirely dedicated to them.

Lady singing

Founded by expert European professional musicians who are passionate about helping adults how to improve their voice and singing abilities, The Dubai Singing Institute is surely the vocal academy you should join if you are a keen singer.

Whether you are an absolute beginner without any musical background or a proficient amateur singer, our team of outstanding vocal coaches will certainly be delighted to provide you with an unparalleled vocal education.

At The Dubai Singing Institute, we are proud to say that we understand adult amateur singers amazingly well and that we know how to offer each of them a remarkable singing instruction while respecting the fact that they sing for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

We are able to teach you all the correct posture, breathing and vocal techniques from day one while ensuring your delightful musical journey.

Our singing lessons in Dubai are designed for your success

At The Dubai Singing Institute, our only desire is to witness the flourishing of our vocal students. As your success is ours, we strictly work with astonishing singing instructors who are able to transform the voice of any individual, whether they are absolute beginners without any prior musical background or advanced amateur singers.

All our singing teachers are highly qualified and experienced in the field of adult singing education. Thanks to their remarkable skills, they will know how to motivate, encourage and guide you without ever judging or patronising you.

They will know how to take you from point A to point B within a short period of time thanks to their result-oriented methods that we will certainly make you leave each and every of your singing lessons with a smile of your face!

Taking singing lessons will surely boost your confidence and improve the overall quality of your voice

Singing is a wonderful hobby that is actually much more fun and life-changing that one could initially think. It can truly metamorphose your personality and boost your confidence immensely.

In addition, working on breathing techniques and placement of your voice will enhance the quality of your voice drastically and make a huge difference in your day to day life.

Man singing

“Yes, you can sing!”

Adults are often shy when it comes to singing as most of them have grown up with the unfounded idea that they are unable to sing.

At The Dubai Singing Institute, we have different believes as our considerable experience in adult vocal instruction allows us to state that all adults have a beautiful voice that only needs to be sculpted by expert singing instructors to amaze the whole world!

So whether you wish to learn classical, opera, pop, rock, soul, R&B or musical theatre, bury the false idea that you are unable to sing by joining The Dubai Singing Institute. You will surely be astonished by what you can achieve!

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Aisha learning to sing in Dubai


Improve Your Singing With Excellent Singing Instructors

We genuinely care about your progress!


Ideal for singers of all levels and abilities

The Dubai Singing Institute invites all adults, including those who have no prior musical knowledge and we have never sung before. Do not worry if you are new to singing as we are here to help and we will certainly never judge you!


Lessons in our gorgeous music studio in downtown dubai

As an elegant and relaxed setting is essential for you to enjoy your singing lessons greatly, we are pleased to either welcome you in our stunning studio in Downtown Dubai, or at the location of your preference if more convenient.


Be invited to periodic private music soirees

Periodically, The Dubai Singing Institute holds exquisite private music soirees which offers you the immense opportunity to connect and socialise with like-minded friends of music. Attending live concerts is a rare privilege that all our singing students always enjoy greatly!


Progress rapidly!

Thanks to the result-oriented methods used by our wonderful singing teachers, you can be assured to make fast progress and benefit from the most outstanding vocal instruction available in Dubai and the UAE. We believe that learning the correct techniques from day one is key to the overall enjoyment of your vocal journey.

Singing Lessons for adults in Dubai
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Singing Lessons for adults in Dubai
Singing lessons for adults in Dubai. Beginners, intermediate and advanced singers welcome. Learn opera, classical, rock, musical theatre, jazz, blues and pop styles in a formidable setting designed for you.
The Dubai Singing Institute